**NEW**Into the Fire

Into The Fire - Telling The Stories Of A 21st Century Fire And Rescue Service…

This captivating and compelling 16-part observational documentary series follows the incredible work of the firefighters of West Midlands Fire Service.

Equipped with 80 ground-breaking, fireproof, helmet cameras and 70 body-worn cameras, each gritty and gripping episode features unique footage filmed by the firefighters themselves as they risk their lives to protect an area home to nearly three million people.

In every episode, viewers experience first-hand the work of firefighters on the front line and witness the bravery, skill and compassion it takes to be on call 24/7 in one of Britain’s biggest and busiest fire and rescue services.

From 38 fire stations across the West Midlands, 1,200 courageous firefighters attend a wide variety of emergency call-outs every day; from raging house fires where people are trapped, to industrial infernos, tragic road traffic collisions, animal rescues and even special operations, such as the safe detonation of an unexploded World War Two bomb.

Viewers will see how firefighters are ordinary men and women, but to the communities they serve and save, they are local heroes. Dealing daily with extremes, they put the lives of others before their own and enter some of the most dangerous and difficult situations imaginable. Saving lives and property when the odds are stacked against them, they bring hope when none seems possible.

Into the Fire also follow WMFS firefighters and their colleagues engaged in a wide variety of work designed to keep people and business safe. From school visits, to fire safety checks with elderly and vulnerable residents, to outreach programmes among the West Midland’s many diverse communities, the firefighters are part of the social fabric that binds the region together. The series also takes a look at the lives of firefighters away from the fire station. 

Put on your helmet, pull down your visor and join them on shift. It’s time to experience the world of the firefighter as you have never seen it before and go… Into the Fire

Episode One

The intense heat of a house fire challenges multiple crews to the limit as they battle an entire roof on fire, collapsing ceilings and dangerous pets. While Birmingham has its Gay Pride Parade under heavy security only days after the Manchester Arena suicide bombing, crews are called to an explosive incident only a few miles from the city centre which could realise everyone’s worst fears.

In West Bromwich a watch have a shift which spans everything from a house fire in a drugs den to animal rescues - and the fire services specialist Technical Rescue Unit is called out to a car which has smashed into a sleeping family’s living room - putting the whole house at risk of collapse.

  • Monday 8th January, 10pm

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**NEW**How to Lose Weight Well

On HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WELL Dr Xand van Tulleken and dietician Hala El-Shafie ask members of the public to road test the most hyped up and written about diets on the market today. They divide the dieters into three timeframes; CRASHERS on short term diets, SHAPE SHIFTERS on six week programmes and LIFE CHANGERS on four month dieting plans. Café cook Stacie Stewart helps the volunteers to turn their diets into delicious dishes.

In this episode the CRASHERS are prosecco and snack loving Becky and Sheena from Devon who have only two weeks to shape up for Sheena’s hot tub party. Sheena is on the punishing Copenhagen Diet, an ultra-low weight loss regime that claims to shock the body’s metabolism. Best friend Becky tries the Special K Challenge, swapping two meals a day for cereals and eating one low fat high fibre meal in the evening. How will they get on?

SHAPESHIFTERS Bex and Lea from Kent want to slim down for Lea’s landmark 50th birthday. Bex tries out the Bonus Years Diet, centred on seven so called ‘miracle’ foods that aim to reduce her waistline and increase life expectancy. Best chum Lea is on the Nutritarian Diet, a vegan plan that alleges you can lose one and a half stone in six weeks. Can both of them stick to their diets?

The LIFE CHANGERS are best mates Jake and Callum from Kent who want to blossom at their summer garden party in four months’ time. Jake’s Banting Diet involves increasing fats and protein intake and cutting out most grains. Callum goes ‘Sugar Free in A Hurry’ by Davina McCall, having to forfeit his beloved fizzy pop and sweets. Both are very competitive but whose diet slip ups will push them into second place?

Xand also road tests some of the most extreme dieting methods out there. On this show he finds out if diet pills actually work. He tries out raspberry ketones himself and in a randomized double blind placebo controlled experiment tests carb blockers and fat burners for their efficacy.

In the second strand Xand finds out if radio frequency fat removal can melt his tummy fat away. This non-surgical process is said to be designed for body contouring and rumoured to burn up to 60% fat off the belly. Will the results be remarkable?

  • Monday 8th January, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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The Farmers’ Country Showdown

TX5 - EDENBRIDGE PIGS Monday 8th Jan

Today pig farmers Debbie Dallaway from Hawkhurst in Kent and Sussex based mother-son duo Michaela and Oliver hope their best pedigree pigs can earn them a flurry of red rosettes at the Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show in Surrey.

TX6 – GOATS Tuesday 9th Jan

Today at the Cotswold’s Moreton-in-Marsh Show competitive Oxfordshire based breeder Betty Judge shows 21 of her cherished Pygmy goats while 20 year old Laura Ketley from Warwickshire exhibits her best dairy Toggenburg goats, both with big hopes of winning.  

TX7 - GIN AND EGGS Wednesday 10th Jan

Today Cornish poultry farmer Rebecca Tonks hopes to attract attention to her new egg products at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair at the London Olympia while Northampton based Tom and Tina Warner aim to impress potential buyers with their selection of farm produced gins.

TX8 - SHIRE HORSES Thursday 11th Jan

Today 23-year-old horse breeder Molly from Kent and Surrey-based friends Jackie and Paul have winning on their minds as they enter their beloved shire horses in the Heavy Horse competition at the famous Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show.

TX9 - AGAINST THE ODDS Friday 12th Jan

Today five groups of dedicated farmers from across the country will be up against each other as they try and win this year's 'Against the Odds' category at The British Farming Awards.

  • Week days from Monday 8th January, 3:45pm

  • BBC One

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Tattoo Fixers

This week the pop up parlour is visited by laddettes Jayne and Kate who need help with their matching foul-mouthed foot tattoos, Tara whose builder bum somehow led to a kid-like crayon design and football mad Alex whose hero worshiping howler is now off side.

Meanwhile Jay helps bearded beauty Harnaam with an original piece for her original journey, Alice teams up with moaning Marcie and Sketch helps tame Aaron’s mad little monster.  

Save Money: Good Food

This week Susanna and Matt are in Essex with the Evans family. This family rely on premade sauces and packets for their meals and make nothing from scratch. Desperate to save money and take their children on holiday Matt will be showing them some fantastic family favourites – each for under a pound a head – to get them cooking and saving. With a classic fish pie and delicious chicken curry for less than a fiver for the family the Evans cooking habits are transformed. Susanna is taste testing cola and pitting the supercheap with superbrand giant Coke to see which shoppers prefer. And as many of our favourite snacks seem to have fallen victim to ‘shrinkflation’ – and we could be being charged the same amount for smaller packets- Susanna investigates how we can fight back and beat the shrink.

  • Tuesday 9th January, 7:30pm

  • ITV

  • 6 of 7


Starting Up, Starting Over

Cotswolds Haberdashers

Elvis enthusiasts Julie and Trevor are giving up their successful businesses to follow their dream of a quieter life spending all their time together running a Haberdashers in a beautiful village in the Cotswolds

Trevor and Julie found their new business – an established Haberdashers store – while on holiday in the chocolate-box village of Bourton-on-the-Water.  In the ultimate impulse buy, the same day they found the shop they put in an offer on a bungalow a stone’s throw away. Julie and Trevor are investing all their savings and even raiding the pension pot to buy the new house and shop and all of its stock. It’s a very impulsive decision – and in only a matter of weeks they are packing up their lives and making the dramatic move.

Although Julie is a keen amateur at crafting and sewing, ex-bathroom fitter Trevor is learning from scratch. It soon becomes clear that he needs a crash course in everything from wool to looms before he can really help any customers. And when Trevor falls out with the café owner next door on day one the pressures of running new business begin to show.

Julie and Trevor previously ran successful businesses, but they both suffered from stress. They’re hoping the haberdashers shop will offer them a new more pleasurable lifestyle and work-life balance. But, it soon becomes clear that their income will be dramatically reduced. And with the two of them making less than each of them brought in before, will the change in their finances add to the stress of running a shop for the very first time?  Especially when they are forced to sell some prized assets and look for new ways to increase the shop’s income.

With Christmas approaching, the couple decide to pull out all the stops to boost their earnings. They are hoping that the famous Bourton-on-the-Water Christmas fair will make the till ring. But the shop hours are relentless and tiring.

With the odds stacked against them and everything at stake, can Julie and Trevor rise to the challenges of a new life as shopkeepers? And will it offer them the lifestyle they dreamt of?

  • Wednesday 10th January, 7pm

  • Channel 5

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