**NEW** Dispatches: How to Get a Pay Rise

In an era of stagnant wages –British workers are going through fifteen years without any real term pay rise. For Dispatches Morland Sanders investigates who’s responsible and whether we can turn the tables on our bosses. Sanders reveals just how much British workers have suffered from low wage growth and how we fail to properly negotiate pay rises with our employers.

In this Dispatches with a difference, master negotiator Dan Hughes, the expert training civil servants representing the UK at Brexit negotiations, reveals his top tips on how to prepare for that all-important pay discussion. Sanders takes Dan to meet two employees who haven’t had a rise for years and coaches them on tactics and negotiating skills to help them find the confidence to ask for more - before putting their new skills to the test.  At the end of the training with Dan, they approach their employers to discuss their pay, but will they confidently negotiate their terms or buckle under pressure? Crucially, can Dan’s master class teach us all how to get a pay rise? It’s a half hour of advice you won’t want to miss!

  • Monday 16th October, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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**NEW** Bad Habits, Holy Orders

With unique and unprecedented access to a catholic convent Bad Habits sees five very contemporary young women embark on the most holy and transformative journey of their lives. For four long weeks these women move into a convent and live convent life in its entirety.

In the first episode of the series the girls’ arrival is a shock for both sides. Geordie lass and club dancer Rebecca points out ‘This is hell’. Mother Superior is taken back the severe lack of clothing. The girls try to smuggle in some vodka and get caught out by an unimpressed Sister Francis. By the end of the first week some cracks start to appear in the hard façade of hard girl Rebecca and something quite incredible occurs when she takes time to reflect on her relationship with her own father.  

  • Thursday 19th October, 10pm

  • Channel 5

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Helicopter ER

A family outing ends in horror as a young mum is critically injured in a seaside crash, a biker flies headlong through the back window of a parked car and the medics are at full throttle trying to save an accident victim’s severed finger.

  • Monday 16th October, 9pm

  • Really

  • 8 of 15


Joel & Nish vs the World

Comedian and fitness enthusiast Joel Dommett heads to the Mato Grosso region of Brazil with his friend and fellow comedian, Nish Kumar. They stay with a remote tribe, called the Xavante, who train intensely to cope with the hardships of everyday life. Joel and Nish will live alongside them and experience the harsh world of a tribe who place a high value on strength and masculinity. Under Nish’s watchful eye, Joel will train with them, learn the Xavante way of working through the pain barrier, and take part in a punishing relay race like no other.

  • Monday 16th October, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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