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  • Friday 26th October, 10pm

  • BBC Two

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Club Rep Wars

A brand new series that enters the sizzling world of summer jobs in the sun. Club Rep Wars follows two teams of wannabe club reps competing to win the chance to work a season in the Greek party paradise of Zante. The Pink and the Blue teams fiercely contest each other at a series of fun-packed events to prove who can triumph at running the best sun soaked parties.  

After last week’s inaugural battle, it’s down to new arrival, 19 year old farmer’s daughter Emi to decide which of the teams will prove victorious. Swapping wellies for bikinis, Emi first joins the Pink team as they host a singles night – which proves infinitely more successful for the reps than the holidaymakers. It’s then over to the Blue team for a champagne spray party which ends in tears when a love triangle uncorks tempers and arguments erupt.

With dramatic outcomes at each event, which team will Emi pick?

Nazi Treasure Hunters

The war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union claimed tens of millions of lives. It also produced two of the greatest stolen treasure mysteries of all time. In this episode, the team investigates both.

In 1941, Nazi armies captured the palace of the Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great and stole the contents of her legendary Amber Room, a treasure worth an estimated $150 million and still missing today. Four years later, Soviet armies took their revenge by capturing Berlin and looting thousands of art treasures, which disappeared behind the Iron Curtain, and where some could remain hidden in Putin’s Russia today.

Conor Woodman and Robert Edsel travel to Russia where the pain of the Second World War still runs deep. Conor is given incredible access to the case files of a Soviet detective tasked by Stalin to find the Amber Room, a trail that leads Conor to underground searches in Kaliningrad, Russia and Mamerki, Poland. Robert meets with a former art dealer who claims to know Russian Oligarchs who possess art masterpieces looted from Berlin at the end of the war.

Then James Holland and Robert Edsel travel in Berlin to investigate what happened in 1945. The trail leads to a massive concrete bunker where Berlin museums stored their art treasures at the end of the war, and the story of either an accidental fire that destroyed $10 billion in art or a deliberate one set by thieves to cover up the biggest art heist in history. 

  • Monday 22nd October

  • More 4

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Joel and Nish vs The World


Joel and Nish travel to Tokyo to meet Japan’s professional sumo wrestlers before heading to the remote Oki Islands to take part in a tournament in the birthplace of Sumo.

  • Monday 22nd October, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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Rich Kids Go Skint

Kofi is a rich kid who lives in the swankiest hotels in London including The Ritz, The Bulgari and The Dorchester. Most days are spent shopping for designer clothes that cost thousands of pounds. Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga are style staples to this entitled teenager. 

When he’s not in London Kofi holidays in some of the most exclusive parts of the world, from Antibes to Abu Dhabi there are few places this boy hasn’t visited. Kofi’s extravagant and ‘extra’ lifestyle is funded by his millionaire parents, the owners of an international catering company.

He’s spending time with Nicky, Paul and their 3 kids in Leytonstone.  How will this family react to Kofi’s extortionate expenditure compared to their scrimping and saving.

In this episode Kofi must attempt to clean, prepare a picnic and plan a birthday party on a budget. He throws himself into all of these challenges dressed to the max in his designer outfits.

Emotions run high when at a family meal the children put Kofi’s spending habits into perspective by declaring they would give money to charity if they had it.  Proving to Kofi and a very proud mum and dad that money is not the key to happiness and sharing beats shopping!

Kofi and the family pull together to make a small but special party for Macie’s 8th birthday and a surprise gift from Kofi makes it an unforgettable celebration for the little girl.  But will Kofi embrace life on the breadline or be keen to escape back to his bubble of luxury living?

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep

Eamonn and Ruth continue their mission to solve their own (and the nations) sleep problems. In this episode Eamonn is given a new sleep programme by top sports scientist Nick Littlehales. So rather than trying to sleep all-night, Nick’s plan requires him to sleep in short bursts over 24 hours. It’s not long before Eamonn’s car becomes his ideal napping location! Nick’s other suggestion that human beings are not designed to sleep with others (so Eamonn and Ruth should sleep in separate beds) doesn’t go down so well. Meanwhile the couple investigate the wider issues of Britain’s sleep epidemic. Eamonn tries out a “sleep pod” designed to allow workers 20minutes of nap time in the middle of a busy office and goes on the road with a veteran HGV driver to find out how trucks are being kitted out with anti-sleep devices to stop drivers falling asleep at the wheel. The couple then go to two luxury hotels to see how the industry is charging thousands for bespoke “sleep packages”. Eamonn and Ruth also challenge a team of experts to make their bedroom “sleep friendly”. They try out the latest gadgets and gizmos available on the internet including an air conditioning system fitted in the bed (which Ruth loves).  And they look at the effects of jet lag and how airlines are spending billions on ensuring we kip when we’re in the sky. 

  • Wednesday 24th October, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Magic Numbers: Hannah Fry's Wonderful World of Maths

In this episode, Hannah explores a paradox at the heart of modern maths, discovered by Bertrand Russell, which undermines the very foundations of logic that all of maths is built on. These flaws suggest that maths isn’t a true part of the universe, but might just be a human language – fallible and imprecise.

However, Hannah argues that Einstein’s theoretical equations, such as E=mc2 and his theory of General Relativity, are so good at predicting the universe that they must be reflecting some basic structure in it. It really seems that Einstein was discovering the maths behind our world. This idea is supported by Kurt Gödel who proved that there are parts of maths that we have to take on faith – we will never know how or why they are true.

Hannah then explores what maths can reveal about the fundamental building blocks of the universe - the subatomic, quantum world – and she discovers that it really is much weirder than we might imagine. The maths tells us that particles can exist in two states at once, like a light being on and off at the same time, and yet quantum physics is at the core of photosynthesis, and therefore fundamental to most of life on earth. More evidence of discovering mathematical rules in nature.

But if we accept that maths is part of the structure of the universe, there are two main problems: firstly, the two main theories that predict and describe the universe - Quantum Physics and General Relativity - are actually incompatible; and secondly, most of the maths behind them suggests the likelihood of something even stranger - multiple universes.

We may just have to accept that the world really is weirder than we thought, and Hannah concludes that while we have invented the language of maths, the structure behind it all is something we discover. And beyond that, it is the debate about the origins of maths that has had the most profound consequences: it has truly transformed the human experience, giving us powerful new number systems and an understanding that now underpins the modern world - however bizarre that world may be!

  • Wednesday 24th October, 9pm

  • BBC Four

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Naked Attraction

The world's most daring dating show returns for a new run of episodes, helping sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake online profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. When we are entirely unfiltered what do people really find sexually attractive? Anna Richardson presents as Charles, a 20-year-old student from Sheffield prepares to take the plunge. Charles says his love life is a disaster. If he's not getting cat-fished, he's scaring women off with his conversation starters. A self-confessed 'idiot', he's hoping to find his 'fun weirdo' by going naked. Next up is Lee, a 21-year-old student. Identifying as non-binary and pansexual, she's open to dating all genders and is looking to find someone who accepts her for who she is.

  • Thursday 25th October, 9pm

  • Channel 4

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Walking Britain's Lost Railways


The lost line from Ruabon to Barmouth on the coast represents a sea change in how ordinary Victorian working families were granted affordable access to the strange new landscape and language of the beautiful Welsh heartlands.

Having hunted out the start of this now lost line in the overgrowth, Rob takes a memorable trip across the ‘Stream in the Sky’ at the breath-taking Pontcysyllte Aquaduct. Heading into town along the waterside through the grounds of the romantic residence of the Ladies of Llangollen, Rob meets the enthusiasts who have revived a remarkable 10 miles of stunning heritage railway line into Corwen.

As the landscape opens up to reveal Lake Bala, Rob is invited to canoe the water. Here he learns how the railways contributed to the suppression of the Welsh language in the 1800’s through some remarkably cruel methods. It’s with this in mind that Rob continues on into Dolgellau using a second heritage line along the shores of the lake.

Here he meets a local harpist and hears the sounds which became as intrinsically tied to the image of Wales as the bizarre traditional costumes that the locals wore to greet Victorian tourists almost 150 years ago when the line opened.

Exploring the uses of old railway infrastructure, Rob marvels at a signal box now transformed to a nature observatory before moving on towards a well-earned pint at The George Hotel in picturesque Penmaenpool. The surrounds once again startle as Rob crosses the spectacular wooden edifice known as the Barmouth Bridge into the bustling seaside resort of Barmouth. With the help of a local historian, Rob learns that this became a popular destination for those Victorian tourists whose path he has now completed tracing.

  • Friday 26th October, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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