Week 44

**NEW** Dr Christian Will See You Now

Dr Christian Jessen and his team of top in-house specialists re-open the doors to their state of the art clinic, in a bid to get peoples’ lives and relationships back on track.

First through the doors are Liz and Darren, parents of three from Cambridge. Liz has been severely underweight all her life and it’s beginning to take its toll on her self-esteem. She dislikes the way she looks to such an extent; it’s having a huge impact on her relationship. Liz pushes Darren away and they are no longer intimate with one another.  Liz believes there is an underlying medical condition behind her weight problems, but Dr Christian believes there is more than meets the eye to her case.

Kailey and Dan are next in, a young couple from who are desperate to overcome their fertility issues.  Kailey worries on a daily basis about not being able to conceive and it’s beginning to have an effect on the couple’s relationship and sex life. She’s putting her life on hold until she knows whether or not she’ll ever be able to have a baby and is hoping Dr Chrsitian has the answer. 

Kate and her partner Nick from Warrington are next through the clinic doors.  Kate suffers from Tourette’s syndrome and is looking for help with her tics, which are relentless. She’s had the condition since she was six-years-old and it has left her feeling extremely low at points in her life. Kate is desperate to find a way to manage her condition, which will in turn improve her relationship with Nick, but Dr Christian will have his work cut out.

Last but not least is 74-year-old Frank who has varicose veins. Not only is his condition causing him great discomfort, but he also finds them embarrassing. Frank hasn’t shown anyone his body in years and is avoiding relationships.

Most Haunted

Episode Two – Saturday 28th October, 10pm


The Fleece Inn: This old pub in the heart of West Yorkshire is said to be one of the Most Haunted places in England. The investigation is almost stopped in its tracks by some violent poltergeist activity and team need to decide whether to continue, when they do, it only gets worse.


Episode Three – Sunday 29th October, 10pm

Haden Hill House Pt 1: An old house in the West Midlands gives the Most Haunted team a night they will never forget. Yvette is under attack by something that wants to gain her attention and the team catch one of the best pieces of evidence to date.

Episode Four – Monday 30th October, 10pm

Haden Hill House Pt 2: The strange occurrences at Hayden Hill House switch up a gear as whatever is there seems now to be stalking the team with some terrifying results, at least for some of the crew it is proving too much.

Most Haunted Halloween special 2017 – Tuesday 31st October, 10pm

The team take on one of the grandest properties in Great Britain, Liverpool’s Croxteth Hall in a non-stop two hour heart pounding investigation. With loud noises and objects moving on their own, the team are pushed to the limits but when a sound is caught on the EVP machine Yvette has had enough.

Episode Five – Wednesday 1st November, 12am

Croxteth Hall, pt 2:  We stay with the team and find out what happened after we left them last time. The team seem to be stalked by something…but what. Only time will tell what awaits them in the upper corridors of this once grand mansion.

  • Saturday – Tuesday 28-31 October, 10pm & Wednesday 1st November, 12am

  • Really

  • 2-5 of 9 + Halloween Special


Bad Habits, Holy Orders

This is the series which highlights the bad habits of the millennial generation by swapping them for black and white ones. For 4 eye opening weeks 5 young women join a British based Catholic convent to live like nuns in the hope that they might discover there’s more to life than lipstick.

This week the young women are set a severe test by Sister Thomas More, Mother Superior at Swaffham, to leave the warmth of her Convent and spend time with three other Catholic orders.

All very different they’ll be tasked to work with people who’ve lost almost everything, the young homeless. Can the girls find their way to become sisters of charity?

And then they are asked to endure an entire days of silence. Something none of them have ever achieved before. Faced with the challenging task of silence and enclosement of the Poor Clares order, the girls miss Swaffham and the sisters so much, they can’t wait to ‘get home’ to Norfolk.

Following this, the girls again must channel their charity as they travel to a care home to speak with the elderly who have lost those close.

The challenges from the Swaffham nuns prove to be a wakeup call for materialistic Tyla, Rebecca finds her own calling and Paige begins to challenge everything she thought she knew.

  • Thursday 2nd November, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 3 of 4


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